Summer is a time for relaxation, vacation, and self improvement. You deserve to have it all, but we all know that there are limited hours in the day as well as limited days in the summer. Proximity Learning works to make sure you can have fun and learn a lot as well.

Our SAT and ACT prep courses are different from others because instead of going to an in-person class, your classes are all taught online through a live video chat. Here’s why our courses are the best option for you.

You can still have a fun summer

Since our courses are entirely online, you don’t have to miss out on family vacations just to prepare for your SAT or ACT. With our courses, you fine tune your testing skills from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to wifi. Also, if you hate anything that gets in the way of you lounging around in your pajamas all day, we won’t take that away from you either.

You can save some money

Many SAT and ACT prep classes cost around $1,000. Our courses only cost $250 for a six week course and $300 for an eight week course. We believe that no matter what your budget, you should have access to the resources needed to work toward great standardized test scores.

Our teachers are highly qualified

Proximity Learning teachers hold masters degrees and are extremely committed to educating young people. They work tirelessly to make sure every student’s goals going into the course are met by the end, and have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.

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