Use of Virtual Teachers to Increase With Teacher Shortage

By Henry Kronk 

This headline is not science fiction. Hiring virtual teachers is a current topic of debate in Ector County School District in Odessa, TX. The population of the district has ballooned in recent years, creating a huge demand for teachers. The district has not, however, been able to find many. There are currently 246 unfilled teaching positions in Ector County, according Your Basin.

In response, administrators have considered filling these positions with virtual teachers who can connect to classrooms or individuals remotely. Proximity Learning, a virtual public school that also contracts virtual teachers out to districts facing shortages like ECSD, sent a representative to the board meeting.

Virtual Teachers May Be Ector County’s Only Choice

“Proximity learning is a way to deliver a solution to a problem that is going on throughout the country of teacher shortages. We can provide a live certified teacher to the district so that every kid has a right to have a certified teacher instead of a long term sub. Its really more like a one on one situation. Where every kid learns best when they have that one on one interaction this is taking that environment and providing it through mediums that they are used to. i.e. laptops, cell phones, iPads and Chromebooks,” said Jason Roppolo, Regional Sales Manager for Proximity learning, according to Your Basin.

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