Nathan Dass (left), a computer science major, and Murtaza Bambot, an industrial engineering major, invented InternBlitz at Georgia Tech. Credit: Rob Felt

Murtaza Bambot and Nathan Dass realized the effort students put towards applying for internships never reflected the results, and they wondered how to minimize the time devoted to a single application by maximizing the possibility to get interviews.

The students from Georgia Tech, Bambot, an industrial engineering major, and Dass, a fellow student, created InternBlitz, an online platform that allows Georgia Tech students to type their standard information only once. InternBlitz was awarded $10,000 at the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize competition.

InternBlitz’s interface is similar to Amazon’s with a search bar allowing users to scan the database and add internships to a cart. Users are also allowed to search internships by location.

InternBlitz will then screen the different applications and shows users the unique questions of each application.  For example, San Francisco-based company BuildZoom asks wannabe software engineer interns to include a link to “an interesting project that you have created.”

Once you complete the questions and requirements, the users can submit all their applications with a single click.

“From a company’s perspective, it looks like you applied through the regular online application,” Bambot says.

InternBlitz is only available at Georgia Tech, but the co-founders plan to expand in August. The $10,000 prize will be used to develop and run a marketing campaign.