Credit: REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

(Los Angeles, CA) — Wednesday, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California, blasted president Trump’s proposal to cut federal funding for after-school programs.

“President Trump promised us that he wants to make America great again. That’s not how you make America great, by taking $1.2 billion away from the children and robbing them blind,” he told a packed crowd at a summit on after-school programs at USC. “Why would you do that? Why would you balance the budget on the backs of these kids? Kids are the most vulnerable citizens. Kids are our future.”

This cut is part of the Trump administration’s budget proposal released last month which would reduce federal education spending by $9 billion, or 13.5%.

Schwarzenegger believes that investing in after-school programs now will save future government spending because it can provide academic and physical enrichment as well as keep children out of trouble.

Schwarzenegger has never been a Trump supporter, and he has made that clear after criticizing Trump on various issues such as the environment, the president’s travel bans that have been blocked in the courts and their respective approval ratings.