On Monday, President Donald Trump signed bills overturning two regulations which were enacted around the end of Barack Obama’s presidency. These bills continue the effort to undo pieces of the Obama administration’s legacy.

This move scraps new requirements for programs that train new K-12 teachers and rolls back a set of rules outlining how states must carry out the Every Student Succeeds Act, a bipartisan federal law meant to hold schools accountable for student performance.

President Trump believes the measure is “removing an additional layer of bureaucracy to encourage freedom in our schools.”

Democrats argued that rescinding the rules opens loopholes that states can use to shield poorly performing schools from scrutiny, especially when they fail to serve poor children, minorities, English-language learners and students with disabilities.

Th teacher-preparation regulation, which stemmed from the Higher Education Act, required states to issue annual ratings for teacher training programs within their borders. This was unpopular within teacher unions, and colleges and states argued that the rules were onerous and expensive.

Using the Congressional Review Act, a rarely used law that empowers a new president and congress to overturn regulations promulgated during the last 60 days of the previous administration, both sets of rules were overturned.