This May, the Education Cannot Wait fund launched at the World Humanitarian Summit with the goal of combating the obstacles that come with educating youth across the globe. This important and noble initiative is based around the idea that access to education is an urgent matter.

As they grow their influence and help change the world for the better, Proximity Learning has a similar mission in America specifically.

The U.S. is incredibly prosperous, but because of our teacher shortage crisis, this country is still in danger of having an under educated population. We run the risk of raising a generation who will have difficulty problem solving, innovating, and learning from the mistakes of our past of we do not make their education our priority.

That’s why Proximity Learning is more than just a company. In our battle to help eliminate teacher shortages in America, we imagine a future without education inequality. We understand the urgency of education, and want to do our part to make sure every child receives the quality resources they need in order to pursue their passions and pave a path filled with growth and opportunity for themselves as well as their communities.

We know all too well that education cannot wait, and work tirelessly to make sure that it doesn’t.


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