College Board designed the SAT in 1926 as a study of intelligence in students’ preparation for college, although it wasn’t a requirement until 1960. Since then, the SAT has progressed in providing students with the scores to send to colleges to provide the best education in their future journey. This change is by far the biggest change in format that College board has undergone for about 30 years.

In Spring 2016, the SAT was redesigned and tested. there were many changes that College Board provided on the test to become an organized, and stronger test of knowledge. Some of the changes include changing:

  • the scoring range from 600-2400 to 400-1600
  • the timing from 3 hours and 45 minutes to 3 hours with an optional 50 minute essay
  • the reading section from critical to evidence-based
  • the mandatory essay to the optional essay that is scored separately
  • the .25 guessing penalty to no guessing penalty
  • a writing exam to having the option to take it on the computer
  • the number of answer choices from 5 to 4

The number of questions in the new SAT have decreased, and some have become multi-part questions. They have become more strategic in the way they’re written, yet continue to test the ability of the students taking it. The redesigned SAT is meant to be a simple, less stressful standardized test for students going through the hardest time of their high school careers. These changes have been accounted for over the years and College Board came together to make these changes for a more powerful intelligence test in preparation for the next step in education, college.

Proximity Learning provides SAT classes to prepare students for the redesigned SAT. It is an online class that is structured in a way to provide the best preparation courses for students to excel in taking the SAT. Our ACT and SAT prep courses empower students with strategies for success. Our unique 6 or 8 week live format provides flexibility to work anywhere with internet connection. We want to provide an equal opportunity for all students to receive test preparation from a live teacher at an affordable price. We provide the best teachers to keep students engaged and prepared. We are proud to stand behind our 93% course passing rate showing our commitment to the progress of our students. All teachers have multiple years of teaching experience, a Master’s Degree, and are certified in high school education.

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