Problem:  Every year The Pharr Oratory of St. Phillip Neri School System happily offered an array of Advanced Placement courses to their students. As the district grew, their course offerings grew with it.  Over the past year the district was excited to see many students requesting several new Advanced Placement courses in order to continue their education. Unfortunately, there were not enough students requesting to take AP Economics and AP Psychology to warrant hiring a full time teacher. In order to ensure that the students still had access to these courses, the district began looking into online blended learning programs for their students. There were many companies that offered these courses, however quality tended to differ exponentially. TPOSPNSS wanted to provide their students with the best opportunity to succeed and gain college credits.

Solution: During their search for a company to work with, TPOSPNSS reached out to the local Texas Virtual Network to get suggestions. They were referred to several potential online companies that provided these courses – one of these companies was Proximity Learning.  The district was interested in PLI’s immaculate course content and were intrigued over their ability to enable students to join live class sessions with students from around the country. Additionally, the costs of adding students individually was significantly less than any of the competitors. In the end, the district decided to contract with Proximity Learning, empowering their students to successfully complete their AP classes.