The nationwide teacher shortage, unfortunately, continues to make it difficult for many school districts to hire enough teachers needed to fill all of their open positions. The Daily Progress wrote a story covering the teacher shortage and how it affected Alaska schools.

Numbers from August 4th show that 155 teaching positions and 90 special education positions are open across the state of Alaska, according to Alaska Teacher Placement.

Plus, about half of Alaska’s school districts are still looking for teachers to hire for this current school year, KTOO-FM reported

Toni McFadden, an employee at Alaska Teacher Placement, said Alaska’s biggest job fair this year brought in between 200 and 250 people.

“And that has been a steady decline,” McFadden said. “People remember from the ’80s when there were over a thousand people looking for jobs in Alaska.”

“Fewer people are going into teaching as a career, about 50 percent of teachers leave teaching as a career during the first three to five years,” she said. “Even to the point that some colleges are cutting back on teaching classes because they don’t have the enrollment that they used to have.”

Thanks to The Daily Progress for this informative article.

Does your district have teacher shortages?

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