Mass Amounts of Teacher Vacancies in Virginia

Virginia teachers are in short supply, and The Virginia Department of Education is scrambling to find a solution for the mass amounts of teacher vacancies and the resulting poor teacher work environments. A report done by the Teachers Of Tomorrow finds that Virginia is currently short 4,262 teachers. The Virginia Department of Education even expects the shortage to grow to 6,392 by next year.

“That’s horrific, that is a huge number,” says Dave Saba, Chief Development Officer for Teachers Of Tomorrow.

Don Wilms, President of the Chesterfield Education Association, explains that teachers are frustrated with the classroom sizes. Classes made up of 35 or more students are causing teachers to become worn out and unable to do a good job.

The Virginia Department of Education’s “Career Switch Program” gives credit for real life work experience. This makes it much faster, and easier, to switch from another job to teaching.

“Over just a period of about 18 months they can literally go from one career to the next as a fully qualified teacher,” Staples said.