Teachers are a vital component in the growth of a student. They become guides, mentors, and authoritative figures over the growing years of a child. Students rely on them to progress their education, and lives in general. According to The Washington Post, over the past few years, there have been teacher shortages due to many reasons catering to each state and region, but one general reason has been consistent despite the geographical differences: satisfaction. There have been many reasons a career in teaching could bring dissatisfaction, and over the past few years, those reasons have grown. There are plenty of things that fall under satisfaction, including income, flexibility, and stress.

The first reason is low pay. Teachers earn about $43,000 to $47,000 for their tireless efforts at educating students. They spend hours of the day in a school, then return home to grade papers and perfect lessons plans for the curriculum. They arrive earlier than the students and leave later, and also spend extra time working events and holding detention in their classrooms. They also become advisors to organizations that require extensive hours, way beyond their pay grade. The excessive hours and low income are the number one reason teachers are not satisfied with their careers, and also is the number one reason for teacher shortages.

Another reason teachers are dissatisfied with their jobs are because of the standardized rules hurting the flexibility of the purpose in their career: educating students. The rules, tests, and requirements make it difficult for students to learn freely. The requirements on students also limit the procedure teachers take in educating their students. Every new semester, there is a new rule restricting teachers from teaching their own way. These restrictions create dissatisfaction with teachers, lowering their flexibility and providing unfair measures for both students and teachers.

A day in the life of a teacher requires waking up in time to commute to school, arriving early to prepare for the day, tutor, or hold detention, teach 5-6 classes a day, monitor students during lunch or off periods, stay late to grade papers, tutor, hold detention, and prepare for the next day, and finally ending their day with sports games, dances, organizational activities, or meetings. This requires working for about 12 hours a day. The requirement level for teachers increase stress levels and decrease satisfaction levels.

Proximity Learning caters to those teacher shortages to ensure that students remain at the top of their education level. If a district or school loses teachers, Proximity Learning can step in to fill in those spots with teachers that can start immediately. We can provide the quickest and easiest solution to losing a teacher. Teachers will be streamed live to fill in in educating the students with their own highly-educated knowledge. The certified teachers we have are highly trained and highly skilled. They have their own curriculums to follow, or can adapt to the curriculum set by the school board. They are available whenever the students need and provide the best education to ensure the success rate of their students. Contact us to learn more about helping your school!

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