Texas School Districts Continue Expanding Utilization of Online Teachers for Staffing Shortages

Written by Rimsha Syed

October 10, 2019


Beginning this academic year, a district located on the East Texas Border, West Orange-Cove, bridged the gap between teacher vacancies and students without access to a quality education program by partnering with online education service company Proximity Learning. Bearing that U.S. teacher shortages are at an all-time high, West Orange-Cove Superintendent Dr. Harris realized the potential of providing personalized education to all students regardless of background, location or social circumstances. Proximity Learning for the past nine years has pioneered the Enriched Live Instruction Model to staff teacher vacancies nationally.

“At West Orange-Cove, we’re supporting students on several of their campuses. At West Orange-Stark Early College High School we helped them fill English, geometry and several math special education courses,” said Aron Hill, Client Success and Support Advocate. “We also provide second-fifth grade special education for reading and math support!”

As a district, West Orange-Cove seeks nothing short of ensuring that their students have access to the best educators in Texas and that their district is capable of adopting new policies conducive to their mission!

“Student Equity is why Proximity Learning was created,” said Evan Erdberg, President of Proximity Learning. “The students of West Orange-Cove will now be able to continue their educational journey with certified and highly qualified teachers.”

Additionally, two Proximity Learning teachers join West Orange-Stark Academic Alternative Center twice a week for about two hours to provide tutoring services on their coursework, improving overall scores and setting students on track to earn high school credit. In alignment with both Proximity Learning and West Orange-Cove’s mission, equity comes with ensuring every student receives what they need to be successful.

Proximity Learning Inc. is an Online Education Service company catering to students ranging from kindergarten to high school. Proximity Learning has served over 150 school districts and instructs over 50,000 students annually. Proximity Learning has been rated as one of the top K-12 online education services in the nation, boasting the highest quality teachers, most innovative virtual classrooms, and the reputation as a flexible learning solution to both public and private school districts.

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