By Rimsha Syed

Challenges continue to face the public education realm causing record numbers of parents to choose to homeschool their children. Some of the challenges include a lack of qualified teachers, course shortages, and transportation limitations. As the digital world continues to expand, online education has become one of the most popular options for homeschooling but has unfortunately lacked access to high-quality instruction. In light of this, Proximity Learning has decided to bring their live instruction model, originally pioneered in school districts, to the homeschool market through the Texas Private School Program! This new program will give high school students the ability to participate in live class sessions at home from the best teachers in the country while earning their diploma. Enrollment is now officially open!

“If you are homeschooled there is no reason you should not have access to the best educators in the country,” said Evan Erdberg, President and Founder of Proximity Learning Inc. “Parents can rest easy knowing their children will receive a world-class education with access to hundreds of courses from home.”

Texas home school families recognize that they are now part of an innovative trend sweeping across the country. As more people understand the value of an affordable and flexible online curriculum, more students will be empowered to receive a world-class education from the comfort of their own computer. 

Parents can choose to pay for the program in full or sign up for a monthly payment plan that starts at only $399 per student. Students will get access to unique programs such as seven world languages, have the ability to join the computer programmer track, and even take dual credit courses. All children will be paired with an admissions officer to help curate a schedule with the exact credits and courses they need to earn their diploma. 

“To ensure students do well, we will be running several reports: attendance, participation, and grades,” said Admissions Officer Jimmy Molina. “We will reach out to the teachers and speak to the parents to identify and address any issues that students may be facing.”

There are plenty of options in the online education world, but few that will allow high school students the freedom to be certified in a field of their choice.

“We have great teachers, they have great energy, they care about the students. I’m excited for parents and students to see how valuable our program is,” said Eli Andrade.

Our Mission:

Equity of access to quality instruction from a certified educator.