Tennessee Works to Ensure More Accessible Higher Education

Many Tennessee workers are not qualified for jobs that require more than a high school diploma, and if the problem isn’t fixed, Tennessee could be less economically competitive.

In his recent State of the State message, Tennessee’s Governor Bill Haslam accelerated his campaign to help Tennesseans go on to college and obtain education that can power his state’s economy for the next 40 years.

He proposed expanding the state’s “Reconnect Scholarship” which would give more working adults a chance to go back and finish their college education. This scholarship will build on the “Tennessee Dream” legislation approved in 2014 that gives high school graduates the chance to attend a community college or technical school tuition-free.

Thanks to an athletic scholarship, Haslam’s father could graduate from college and create a successful business which then allowed for Haslam to grow up with opportunities his father didn’t have.

“I’ve obviously come from a blessed circumstance,” Haslam says.

He is working to ensure that, someday, more Tennesseans can say the same thing.