Teacher Application FAQs

How do I apply for a teaching position with Proximity Learning?

Please visit our application portal at: proxlearn/careers and click “Apply now.”

I've submitted an application, what happens next?

Proximity Learning advertises for “pools” for teaching positions. Once your application is received, it is reviewed to ensure that the applicant has submitted all required documents and that individual is qualified for a teaching position. When positions become available, interviews with candidates are scheduled. Candidates selected to move forward, complete a Technology Survey to ensure that the technology available is sufficient to teach a class using our two platforms: Zoom and Canvas LMS. Once a candidate’s technology has been evaluated, a contract can be offered to the candidate.

Can applicants apply for multiple positions using the same application?
  • An applicant can apply for multiple positions by going to “Job listings” on the main application menu. They can apply for all positions they are licensed to teach with one application by checking multiple boxes. They do not need to enter all of their information again. Once you create a profile, you can apply for more than one position by just clicking on the position title, reviewing your information, and by hitting submit to finish the process.
  • An applicant can only apply for a job posting one time with their account, for example Spanish. If they would like to update any information in the application that they have previously submitted, then they can do so by navigating to the Profile tab within their account and editing the profile associated with that application.
Can I apply to be a Curriculum Writer?

No, all of our current staff fills our Curriculum Writer needs.

Can I apply to be a Summer School Teacher?

No, all of our current staff fills our Summer School needs.

Can I apply to be a Tutor?

No, all of our current teaching staff fills our tutoring needs.

Do you have administrator/management Positions?

Generally, no, we do not have administrator/management positions. We promote from within and move our teachers up to Lead Teachers, Department Chairs, and Managers. Executive level positions will be advertised as needed.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to teach for Proximity Learning?

Yes, you do have be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or an authorized alien to work for Proximity Learning. You will need a social security number in order to be able to get hired. You must hold a valid teaching license in one of the United States as well.

Do I have to have a Teaching License?
  • Yes, it is absolutely required that all teaching staff has a valid and current teaching certificate in at least one U.S. state. You must hold certification in the area in which you wish to teach. If you do not have a teaching license, in the area in which you apply, or if that license is expired or no longer valid, you are not eligible to teach for Proximity Learning.
  • Your license must allow you to teach in a K-12 setting. If you have a post-secondary certificate, early childhood only certificate, child care provider certificate, then you are not eligible for a teaching position with Proximity Learning.
Having a License in one State - Will I have to get a license in another state if I work for Proximity Learning?

Possibly…we ask our teaching staff to consider applying for an additional teaching certificate if the school we are contracted with requires such certification. Many of our schools accept the current certificate of our licensed teaching staff. On occasion, a school will require that our teachers hold their specific state certification. In that event, we ask our teacher to apply for the additional license and to hold all receipts. Once the teacher submits their application, they will submit their receipts for reimbursement.

Do you sponsor employees with an HIB visa?

No, we do not sponsor any employees.

How much are teachers at Proximity Learning paid?

We pay our teachers by the course. Specifically, the number of courses each teacher teaches is reflected in their pay. There are a few variables that are considered when pay is calculated. How many days of live teaching is required? Classes can be two to five days of live teaching, which depends upon the specific contract signed with the school/district. In addition, the schedule needs to be considered. Is the class an entire school year? Is it an entire school year to be taught over one semester in a block schedule? Is it a semester class? When did the class begin, the beginning of the school year or November? Does it need to be prorated? Is it an Asynchronous course or a “live” Synchronous course? If it’s Asynchronous, how many students is the teacher teaching? In addition, teachers that are writing curriculum are paid additional funds depending upon the amount of work that is required. Various projects are often assigned to teachers for additional pay, as well. Every teacher has a very specific and individualized pay amount and it can change throughout the school year based upon the above-mentioned factors.

What is the schedule, days/times, which your teachers work?

It depends upon the school calendar and schedule that our company is contracted to provide services. Class times vary, as we work with schools throughout the country—across all time zones, incorporating various calendars and bell schedules. Our “live” teaching component requires, approximately, three days of live teaching. Although, we will contract with schools for 2-5 days of live instruction. So, each teacher’s schedule is very unique and specific and incorporates their individual classes which can range from pacific to eastern time.

Is supplemental work - after school and weekends available?

There are no after school or weekend courses available. All of Proximity Learning teachers must be available during the school day, as that is when our students are in class. Teachers, generally, need to be available, at some point, during the hours of 8 am-3 pm (Central Standard Time). Class times vary, as we work with schools throughout the country—across all time zones, incorporating various calendars and bell schedules, but there are no after-school or weekend courses available.

Will I have to move to Texas?

No, although the company’s headquarters is in Austin, Texas, all of our teaching staff works from home and travel/moving is not required.

Will I have to travel?

No, all of our teaching staff works from home and travel is not required.

Do you have a retirement plan?

A teacher must have been employed with Proximity Learning for one year and worked at least 1000 hours to be eligible to participate in the 401k plan.

Do you offer health insurance and other benefits?

The benefits are through a third party company and employees are able to sign up and get a discounted rate instead of having to purchase on their own.

Do you offer Professional Development?

Yes, all teachers receive extensive training on our two platforms: Zoom and Canvas LMS upon hire. In addition, we offer professional development—created by Proximity Learning master teachers—on a variety of topics that benefit all faculty. Training is offered live and a Professional Development Library is currently under construction.

Do I have to Grade Assignments?

Yes, teachers are required to grade assignments given to students.

What content do you Use?

Proximity Learning utilizes content and material from three main sources; proprietary content developed in-house; content developed through partnerships with public entities such as state education service centers; and third-party materials available from respected major education publishers. All content and materials used by Proximity Learning are aligned to all applicable national and state standards.

Who are the human resources contacts?

Diana Albiston
Director of Human Resources
800-524-8570 Ext. 804

Rubina Dwivedi
School Support & HR Manager
Phone: 830-351-8401

Dharma May
Human Resources Specialist

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