Teach for America Oklahoma City

By Phil Cross

As the state of Oklahoma struggles to keep teachers from leaving for other states, one group is bringing in teachers from states around the country to fill the empty spaces left from the education crisis.

The teacher shortage is one of many negative headlines about the Oklahoma education system. It is a negative problem in need of positive solutions. Putting together negatives with positives is something Santa Fe South chemistry teacher Breanna Blackwell is all about.

“One day all kids right,” Blackwell told FOX 25 from her classroom in one of the schools that caters to one of Oklahoma City’s high-needs communities, “All of my kids right behind me they deserve an education no different than anyone else deserves.”

Originally a straight chemistry major from Illinois, Blackwell wasn’t on a teaching track but then she heard about Teach for America.

 Call it the “Peace Corps” for teachers. Teach for America recruits the best students in their fields, whether they are on teaching tracks to begin with or not. The group works to train the experts who are passionate about their fields of study on the mechanics of teaching and connect them with cities around the country that have difficult times attracting the best teachers.

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