Texas School District Receives Certified Foreign Language Teachers

Garland ISD, TX

The Problem

In 2015, Garland ISD received a request from its students that they offer courses in Latin, American Sign Language, and Mandarin Chinese. The district was excited about the initiative, but they were unable to locate teachers that met their certification and experience requirements. Garland ISD was also uninterested in Blended Learning programs; they wanted a teacher in front of their students so that they could receive maximum support.

The Solution

Garland ISD explored their options and was eventually referred to Proximity Learning Inc. from another nearby district. After viewing a recording of a live class, they decided to implement a year-long pilot for Mandarin Chinese and measure success amongst their students. Garland was extremely impressed by what they saw - over 92% of students passed and subsequently requested a level II course. Garland expanded course offerings the following year to include Chinese, American Sign Language, and Latin. Fast-forward three years and Garland is now offering levels 1-3 Chinese, Latin, and ASL through Proximity Learning. They are still observing pass rates over 90%.

Jason Roppolo

Executive Director of Business Development & Strategic Initiatives

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Jason Roppolo is a Dallas Independent School District graduate who worked there for 13 years starting out as a youth action officer and working his way into special education administration. He made a transition into the K-12 industry with the goal to provide solutions that help solve district issues. | Dr. Jim Taliaferro is a consultant with Proximity Learning. He has extensive experience in all areas of education totaling 40 years, 32 of those as a principal and superintendent in Texas public schools.

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Dr. Jim Taliaferro


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