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Greenville Public Schools, MS

The Problem

Before the 2015-16 school year, Greenville Public School District (GPSD) in Mississippi was searching for qualified Math, Science, Spanish, and French teachers. Due to retirements and teachers leaving for other school districts, many positions needed to be filled. Within a month of school beginning, the district was still not able to find and hire the qualified teachers they needed.

The Solution

Three weeks before the start of school, the superintendent of GPSD received an email about Proximity Learning's Enriched Live Instruction Model (ELIM). ELIM works by streaming certified Mississippi teachers directly into the classroom. GPSD connected with PLl and started a small pilot program to fill a vacancy for High School French. After three weeks of instruction, GPSD observed that students were excited, engaged, and learning effectively from the virtual teacher. As a result of this success, the superintendent decided to expand the use of virtual teachers to include the district's Math, Science, and Spanish vacancies. After an additional four-week review, the district found that students were more present and more involved within each of the classes taught by Proximity Learning’s virtual instructors. The partnership with Proximity Learning has allowed the district to focus on its goal of ensuring every student has a fair opportunity for success.

Ted Robinson

Director of School Partnerships

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Ted has over forty years of success working in the K-12 education arena. He was Vice President of Sales & Partnerships for Kaplan K12 Learning Services. He was charged with moving Kaplan K12 into metro markets, developing partnerships with federal agencies and additional K-12 education partners to enhance Kaplan’s strong brand. Ted has also held executive sales and marketing positions at Macmillan/McGraw Hill, Tribune, Creative Publications and Simon and Schuster. He also has done consulting work for Leapfrog; Achieva.com; CInnovations; Achieve Data Solutions; Scholar Centric; Quantum Learning Solutions;ClassLink; Graduation Alliance; Civil Survival; Learning Upgrade and several other small, medium sized K-12 technology companies.

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