Lincoln Elementary School Partners With Proximity Learning

Lincoln School District, IL

The Problem

Lincoln Elementary School, located outside Chicago, Illinois, was quick to feel the nationwide teacher shortage. In particular, the school was unable to secure permanent staffing options for their world language program. Lincoln’s Elementary School students were deprived of Spanish courses, further leading to an unproductive comprehensive educational experience.

The Solution

Like many schools across the country, Lincoln’s superintendents set out to expand the options available to students, turning to new methods to offset the crisis. Facing an overwhelming staffing issue head-on, Lincoln Curriculum Director, Anita Rice turned to the only tangible solution that would effectively bolster their students’ academic needs. The school decided to partner with a k-12 virtual staffing company, Proximity Learning, to allow certified teachers to deliver personalized language instruction through daily live streams. Lincoln Elementary School is just one of the hundreds of schools and districts that are now able to invest in their students without any sacrifices to their current faculty, methods, or resources. The real power of this partnership is that students will be learning from master teachers streamed live into their classrooms each day, giving them the necessary tools for a lifetime of learning, including language acquisition and practice.

Dr. Michael Robinson

Vice President of School Partnerships and Sales

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Dr. Michael Robinson is an educational professional with strong expertise in education software, and committed to meeting and exceeding the goals and objectives of his school partners. Michael believes in forming long-lasting partnerships with school districts and educational professionals in order to meet all students’ individual needs, thus the continuous promotion of differentiated learning. He has over 30 years of experience in the world of education, serving students in reading, mathematics, tutoring, supplemental educational services, and technology.

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