Every district is faced with a teacher leaving the district for one reason or another leaving the class without a qualified teacher to take over where they left off. PLI can provide qualified teacher short term or long term quickly so you can ensure the quality of education stays where it should.


  • Maternity Leave

  • Fired a teacher

  • Long Term substitute

  • Teacher quits

  • Teacher has to leave for health reasons

  • Teacher has to leave for personal reasons

Steps to help us get prepared to take over:

  • Send us the textbook you are using

  • Send us any lesson plans and curriculum that was developed for the course

  • Can we speak with the last teacher to find out where they left off?

  • Look to supply students a computer or tablet during the class

  • Set up a projector or smart board

  • Ensure you have webcams

If you would like to discuss these options in more depth please contact us at: 800-524-8570 or sales@proxlearn.com