At Proximity Learning, our goal is to provide highly qualified educators who will support the unique needs of your students by triangulating the goals of the IEP’s, General Education teacher lessons, and the identified needs of the child

Personalized Courses:

  • Ideal for students with Learning Disabilities, Asperger’s, Speech Only, Other Health Impaired, Homebound or Non-Specified Disabilities

  • Special Education and Resource Room courses are specifically created to serve every student regardless of individual background, personal needs or disability

  • Designed to cater to small groups and individual students

  • Our courses and services can be customized to align with your individual IEP goals and objectives 


Designed to make your job easier:

  • Districts may choose between direct and indirect instruction by Resource teachers, allowing you to further specify your own Special Education curriculum and considerations

  • Highly-qualified virtual educators assist your school in assessing student needs, curriculum guidance and administration duties 

  • Courses taught using interactive, engaging and exciting methods via computer, laptop, tablet or Chromebook



Proximity Resource teachers assist classroom teachers with extra modification ideas when children are struggling. If no change is made, the resource teacher will participate with the child study team to discuss options, test for disabilities and assist with necessary paperwork.

Direct Instruction

With a classroom facilitator present, Proximity Resource teachers will teach students, either individually or in small groups in a computer lab. Our most common areas of study are reading, writing and math. Resource teachers will prepare and evaluate lessons according to needs recorded on the IEP.

Indirect Instruction

Proximity Resource teachers work with classroom teachers to provide modifications to the general curriculum. This includes worksheets, homework assignments, testing modifications such as smaller group settings, limiting the number of problems assigned and special seating to avoid distractions.


Resource teachers maintain paperwork by recording evaluations of goals set on the IEP and dates completed. Each teacher will also collaborate and maintain connection with parents. Each year the IEPs are reviewed and rewritten, and every 3 years, resource teachers initiate re-evaluation of student’s progress.

If you would like to discuss these options in more depth please contact us at: 800-524-8570 or