Spanish I, II & III - Product Price: $700 or $350

Proximity Learning’s Spanish courses empower students with strategies for success through an understanding of Latin, one of the first classic romance languages. Our masterfully crafted asynchronous online format gives you the flexibility to complete your course on your own time, allowing you to get ahead without sacrificing your summer.

Course Length: Up to 12 months (We encourage you to finish within 4 months) 

Students will learn vocabulary, sentence structure, and culture of the Spanish-speaking community. The learning is based on real life scenarios about home, school, neighborhoods, and traveling. In addition to revisiting the themes and lessons from Spanish I in Spanish II, students will be introduced to new, extended vocabulary and grammatical concepts. The learning is based on real life scenarios about home, school, neighborhoods, and traveling. 

This Spanish III course starts with a review of the vocabulary and grammar previously learned in previous levels to concentrate later on more complex sentence structures and new aspects of Spanish grammar.   Students will learn and practice new vocabulary to use in everyday life situations by reading both adapted and original articles in Spanish about travel, outdoor activities, the environment, family and society, health and common physical conditions, the city and houses, technology, nature, historical events, and biographies among other topics.   This course also introduces students to the history, geography, and traditions of the different Spanish speaking countries.

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