In the second level of Spanish, students are introduced to new vocabulary and grammatical concepts that will add depth to their communication, comprehension and reading skills. They will continue their introduction to Spanish with fundamental building blocks in the three areas of communication. In order to engage the students in a true interest of the language, they will be exposed to the history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Therefore, the students will develop cross-cultural skills and understanding to allow a deeper understanding of the language. In addition to reviewing previously acquired concepts, as students go into the second level of Spanish, they will also be able to comprehend the main idea of more extended conversations with some unfamiliar vocabulary and structures as well as cognates of English words. They will learn how to use repetition, rephrasing, and nonverbal cues to derive or convey meaning in Spanish. They will also be able to initiate and engage in more complex conversations.  

Course Length:

  • 9 Months (Full Course)
  • 4 Months (Semester Course)

Course Type: Asynchronous
Course Price: $700

Spanish II Course