In this beginning level course, the primary goal is to build a foundation of basic Spanish comprehension. Students will build their Spanish language proficiency through interpersonal, interpretive and presentational communication. They will interact in spoken and written conversations, learn to interpret and analyse the language and present information in Spanish. These skills will be used for the purposes of socializing, providing information, and expressing personal feelings and opinions. Students will learn to feel comfortable expressing themselves in Spanish, whether it is their name, their age, the date, the weather or their feelings. Therefore, students will be able to comprehend language consisting of basic vocabulary in face-to-face conversation as well as initiate and engage in simple conversations. In addition to learning Spanish vocabulary and introductory grammar, students will also explore the culture of the Spanish-speaking community.

Course Length:

  • 9 Months (Full Course)
  • 4 Months (Semester Course)

Course Type: Asynchronous
Course Price: $700

Spanish I Course