The great thing about summer is you have three months to spend doing whatever you want. The difficult part is figuring out what exactly that is. While sorting through all of your options, consider taking a class.

Constant learning keeps students sharp and ready to get back on the full-time school wagon again. If you hate that feeling of getting back to school and forgetting how to use a pencil — let alone how to speak Spanish — summer school is probably right for you.

Additionally, if you want to get ahead in a subject or don’t have time to take a course you’re interested in during the school year, an accredited summer course is a great option. Also, summer is the perfect time to take a course to help you improve your skills for college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT. School gets increasingly more competitive by the year, but the more time you spend learning, the further ahead you’ll be.

Summer is also a time for family vacations. Many people aren’t in one place for too long, so if your summer is filled with travel, consider an online course for the summer! Live or self-paced, you can get a leg up on your peers this summer whether you’re in Hong Kong or your bedroom.


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