Chinese 1, 2, 3 & 4 - Product Price: $500 or $250

Proximity Learning’s Chinese courses empower students with strategies for success through an understanding of Chinese, one of the first classic romance languages. Our masterfully crafted asynchronous online format gives you the flexibility to complete your course on your own time, allowing you to get ahead without sacrificing your summer.

Course Length: Up to 12 months (We encourage you to finish within 4 months) 

The students will:

  • Learn to speak and read approximately 503 new vocabulary words/phrases
  • Learn to write approximately 205 words.
  • Learn to use Chinese in basic conversations on a variety of topics
  • Learn to read basic Chinese
  • Compare Chinese-language cultures with American culture
  • Examine and understand how Chinese as a language relates to, and is positioned in, Chinese culture
  • Learn to appreciate characteristics of Chinese unique to the language and culture
  • Through the study of Chinese, gain a greater appreciation for your own language and culture
Chinese 1 & 2 (SCA)
Chinese 3 & 4 (SCA)