SAEOPP World Language


SAEOPP World Language Program

In order to ensure our students are College Ready we want enable you to offer them access to multiple world languages to help differentiate themselves from their peers.

Are you interested in offering Summer Learning Academies? SAEOPP has partnered with PLI to enable you to offer your students the ability to learn a world language.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Students must be in front a computer (Chromebook, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet)

Step 2: Students will log in via a link the teacher emails to them

Step 3: The students will actually see the teacher and the teacher will see them through the webcams and interactive software

Step 4: During the allotted time you set each day, the session will begin – students can access the class anywhere as long as they have a reliable  internet connection

Our Language Courses

  • American Sign Language

  • Chinese

  • French

  • Japanese  

  • Latin

  • Spanish


$1,500/30 Students for 4 week course