SAEOPP Tutoring

 SAEOPP Tutoring

With Proximity Learning’s SAEOPP tutoring program, you can effectively promote your student’s knowledge and confidence in countless subjects.

 Using our experienced tutors, your students will get the help they need to keep moving forwards and become successful within their current and future educational endeavors. 


$35/hour (up to 4 students per session)

How Does It Work? 

Step 1: Students must be in front a computer (their own or all together at one)

Step 2: Students will log into a link that the tutor emails them

Step 3: The students will actually see the teacher and the teacher will see them through the webcams and interactive software

Step 4: The tutoring session will begin – students can participate anywhere as long as they have a reliable internet connection

About Our Tutors

  • All of our tutors are highly qualified K-12 certified teachers

  • Each instructor has their certification in the subject area they teach  

  • Our tutors boast multiple years of teaching and experience teaching students


We Offer Tutoring In:

  • Middle School Math 

  • Algebra 

  • Geometry 

  • Calculus 

  • Middle School English 

  • High School English 

  • Middle School Science

  • Biology 

  • Chemistry 

  • Physics 

  • Middle School Social Studies 

  • US History 

  • Geography 

  • World History

  • Spanish 

  • Latin

  • Chinese 

  • Japanese 

  • Speech

  • SAT 

  • ACT