Offering an online program is only solving half the problem, ensuring the program your students are engaging in helps them to be successful and ready for the next step in their academic career is the real challenge. PLI is one of the most successful online companies in the country that believes that you need to keep teachers in teaching in order to really meet the needs of all students, as you will be able to see by looking at our results below.

Our Proof is in the Numbers

We are extremely proud to say that our student passing rate is 93% – we attribute this to our hard-working teachers.


PLI Teacher Story

PLI Student Story



Student Grades

We are extremely proud of our students and the hard work they put into their online classes. Our students work with their teachers to grasp the topic that they are learning and when they need help they have additional tutoring from their teachers. We believe that students are more successful in an online program when they are getting attention from an instructor, have coursework that properly tests their understanding, and have a platform where they can openly participate.



Student Enjoyment

Did you enjoy taking this course?

Student Enjoyment

We care about our students’ opinions, and we want to know if they like taking our online courses. The majority of our students enjoy online learning and we believe that is because of the attention that they receive from their teachers. Teachers set the pace in the learning environment so students begin the course with expectations that they will need to meet the challenges set before them.


Student Grades


Student Passing Rates

We are extremely proud that our student passing rate is 93%. We again attribute this to teachers who are putting time and effort into their students and challenging them to meet the demands of the course. Online courses make it easy to receive help when a student may be falling behind because they just open up their laptop and receive assistance from a teacher when they need it.


Student Engagement

Did you feel engaged in your online course?

Student Engagement

Learning isn’t always an individual activity, and we encourage as much participation and engagement possible in our online classes. Teachers are constantly encouraging students to speak up and interact with their peers so that they are actively learning alongside one another. This makes students feel more engaged in the topic they are learning because they are personally involved in it.

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Case Studies measuring the success of Proximity Learning through the stories of our district clients.