We are extremely proud of our student passing rates. We attribute these results to our hard-working teachers who are putting time & effort into their students and challenging them to meet the demands of the course. Online courses make it easy to receive help when a student may be falling behind because they just open up their laptop and receive assistance from a teacher when they need it.


Proximity Learning's Passing Rates 

* Based on a subset of 3000 students over a Two-Year period completing school work, tests, quizzes, attending classes, completing HW, and scoring a 70 or better for the entire course.*



See what students are saying about Proximity Learning's Classes:

I really like this class, because it’s such a small class, there’s more time for the teacher to answer individual questions. The teachers are all very friendly and are patient if we don’t get things right. It’s an enjoyable class to be in
— Biance Walker, Spring Ford
I think the Proximity Learning class is a fun and easy way to learn Chinese. It makes everything a lot simpler.
— Student from Clovis
I think the Proximity Learning is a great program. It’s very easy to catch up on. Although I learn very quickly from it, there are some hard questions that take me awhile to answer. Overall, this program is very easy and fun!
— Student from Clovis
Derek Maseloff, one of our Proximity Learning students who was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, told us some interesting information.

His dad is a businessman who travels to China frequently. He scheduled and had lunch with Derek’s Chinese teacher in Beijing while he was there in the summer for business! Once again, Derek’s mom told me that Derek loves his teacher (more than any other teacher he ever had!) and the program as well.
— Lisa Andrejko, Ed.D., Superintendent ~ Quakertown Community School District

See what your Peers say about Proximity Learning's Student Success:

The Proximity Learning program’s ability to bring live Chinese instruction is a perfect complement to the College Board’s efforts. In all my years as an educator, I have rarely seen a program as exciting and compelling as Proximity Learning. This is how education will look in the future.
— Dr. Peter Negroni – College Board Sr. Vice President
I have always strived to bring innovation and relevance to my students. The Proximity Learning program is just such a solution that represents the type of exciting innovation we were promoting at the US Department of Education. This is not technology for technology’s sake; this is technology living up to its potential for education excellence.
— Dr. Rod Paige – Former U.S. Secretary of Education
At Bibb County Public Schools, we strive to ensure every student has a highly qualified teacher leading instruction in every classroom. With the growing teacher shortage, this commitment to our students had become very difficult to achieve. Our partnership with PLI allows us to implement an HR backup plan using Virtual K-12 staffing, to always have that qualified teacher in the classroom for short and long term vacancies.
— Paige Busbee, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Bibb County School District, GA
I have witnessed the growing demand from students to compete in the global community by learning Chinese. When I saw Proximity Learning, I not only saw a wonderful curriculum, but also an instructional delivery method that could represent how learning will take place in the future.
— Dr. Mike Moses - Former Texas Commissioner of Education & Former Superintendent of Dallas ISD
Proximity Learning gives our students the opportunity to take language courses that the District would not otherwise be able to afford…in a very student-centered online environment. Our students can now learn Mandarin Chinese from native speakers while practicing their new skills using resources that only come with the Proximity Learning program. I highly recommend this instructional tool to my colleagues as a way to increase learning opportunities in an age of ‘do more with less’.
— Dr. David R. Goodin – Superintendent Spring-Ford Area School District
Online learning is here to stay in PA. The Proximity Learning program is the most powerful form of online learning we have seen to date.
— Dr. Barry Galasso - Exec Dir Bucks County IU #22
As a long-time educator, I see the excitement that the Proximity Learning program can bring to students who might otherwise be less inclined to participate in more advanced studies. Kids of today learn differently. Why not give them the technology tools that can elevate them beyond traditional expectations
— Debra Hunter Harvill - Past SUPT Westwood Heights MI & Past President NABSE
With the Proximity Learning program, we were literally able to start a full Chinese program from scratch, with minimal effort on our part. Our students absolutely love the program and are fully engaged in learning. Our parents are fully supportive.
— Dr. Lisa Andrejko - SUPT Quakertown, PA
When I first saw the myChinese360 program, I could not believe what I was seeing. The use of technology and multiple facets of learning were incredibly impressive. I immediately recognized it as a highly motivating tool for our children of color, who traditionally have not participated in world languages. I wish I had a tool as compelling as this when I was a student.
— Dwight Bonds - Executive Director CAASA
As superintendent of Henrico County Public Schools, I oversaw one of the nation’s largest education technology initiatives ever pursued. Our district saw the potential of how technology would one-day change the way students learn. When I first saw the myChinese360 program, I immediately recognized this was one of the best applications of technology for education that we envisioned many years ago, but is only now just fulfilling that potential. Wow, what a program!
— Fred Morton - Director Walker Governors School
It is imperative that children of color have the same access and opportunity to learn as their better resourced peers. Learning a foreign language, such as Chinese, should not be just for the well off, but for all children. We want our students to be able to compete on a global stage. That is why NABSE is partnering with myChinese360, on the NABSE Mandarin Initiative. We believe our students will not only learn an important world language, but will learn greater critical thinking skills, discipline, and self-esteem.
— Quentin Lawson - Executive Director NABSE
The students of today are digital learners. Unfortunately, we in education have not yet learned to fully harness the power of technology to meet the enthusiasm our students bring to the classroom. This is why I am so excited about the way Proximity Learning integrates learning and technology in such a way as to meet students at their level and how they wish to learn.
— Dr. Tony Smith - Oakland USD

Case Studies

Case Studies measuring the success of Proximity Learning through the stories of our district clients.