Testing in class can either be the most beneficial thing in a course or the biggest waste of time.
When a class requires you to simply remember an item of interest then regurgitate it later on a test, it damages the student’s education.

To be beneficial for the student, the exam must not only test the idea, but require the use of application as well. When a student graduates and is lucky enough to get a job, his or her employer is not going to ask if they know how to do something, they are going to want them to actually do something. It is a disservice to students when they are simply tested on information because it is not what takes place in any career field. A hospital administrator is not going to ask a surgeon how to do an operation because the hospital administrator is going to expect them to actually do it.

Even if someone is not going to end up in an operating room performing surgeries, they will still need to have practical experience to be able to be a competent employee.
When someone crams the night before an exam trying to remember things like dates or vocabulary terms just to get an A on a test, the information will just end up gone in a blink the following day.

It is a waste of time and money for the student to learn something for an instant just to forget it the moment it is no longer “necessary.”

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