Proximity Learning HS Diploma Program

you can now earn a high school diploma with Proximity Learning!

Proximity Learning Inc. (PLI) was created out of the belief that all students deserve educational equality through access to the best teachers in the country no matter where they live or what financial situation they are brought up in. Education is the one thing all children have access to in America that can mean a life of success and happiness. Ensuring there is a master teacher in front of them to guide them on this instructional journey is the most important part of K-12 education.

Students are welcome to enroll in our virtual school today! Proximity Learning Inc. is an award-winning, accredited K-12 school that offers students the opportunity to take live-streamed and tuition-free online high school courses from any internet connected device. All programs are flexible and completed virtually, tailored to the calendar and curriculum of school districts or homeschooled households. Coursework is easily accessible online from any location in the world and our team of experienced and credentialed instructors will assist your journey towards academic growth. Proximity Learning is a great option for traditional high school students, homeschool families, and adult learners.


The goal of accreditation is to ensure that the instruction provided to students in any capacity by institutions of higher education meets an acceptable academic standard. In short, Accreditation ensures the quality of education. Proximity Learning Inc. is fully accredited from AdvancED, and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

AdvancED is a global accreditation system in the United States that provides nationally recognized accreditation for middle and high schools. It is currently being used by over 27,000 public and private schools in the United States and in 65 countries across the world.

Degrees and diplomas awarded by schools with an AdvancED accreditation are considered valid and are accepted by schools, colleges, universities and employers. Proximity Learning Academy is an nationally recognized American based virtual instruction system, associated with the accreditation of several educational institutions around the world.

Educational Program Overview

Middle School Program (6th - 8th):

Middle School exists in some countries as a bridge between primary and secondary school, typically involving grades six to eight. During these years, students are presented with new teaching formats i.e. several courses and teachers throughout the day and are afforded the opportunity to choose subjects in addition to the standard curriculum of English, Math, Science and Social Studies.

These additional subjects, known as electives, allow students to switch classrooms and teachers and our primary objective is to assist students in developing a sense of independence by allowing them more autonomy in their academic schedules.


High School Program (9th - 12th):

The Proximity Learning Academy online high school curriculum program was designed to assist students in grades 9-12 in finding their own, unique journey towards intellectual prosperity. We believe in the right of all students to receive top tier education and access to the nation’s most qualified teachers.

High School Courses Guide for Grade 9:

Grade 9 curriculum is programed to reinforce skills in core subjects while students adjust to a more rigorous daily routine. Here, PLI introduces a host of new topics that go beyond activating knowledge students gained in middle school. Virtual grade 9 courses offered include: English, math, science, social studies, world languages and electives.

High School Courses Guide for Grade 10:

Grade 10 curriculum exposes students to organized lesson plans, homework schedules, discussions and exams, all of which are meant to assist students in achieving their academic goals. Our teachers are well equipped to keeping motivation high and working around students’ needs. In addition to the core subjects and electives offered to grade 9 students, virtual grade 10 courses include advanced placement and dual enrollment options to earn college credit while in high school!

High School Courses Guide for Grade 11:

Grade 11 course curriculum is designed for high school juniors to engage in a flexible virtual teaching environment while being exposed to upper division mathematics, science, social studies and language arts material. Here, students will find opportunities to progress their learning abilities and explore options in fields that interest them. Grade 11 students have opportunity to earn the college credits by taking advanced placement and dual enrollment as well.

High School Courses Guide for Grade 12:

Grade 12 course curriculum is tailored to allow high school seniors to complete their final diploma requirements at a comfortable pace and with ample guidance. Students are introduced to advanced topics, laying a strong foundation for college education. Given that senior year is pivotal to college readiness, advanced courses offered through PLI’s virtual system offer rigor and the chance to earn credits to stay ahead.

Why Choose Proximity Learning?

Live Instruction Daily:

Through PLI’s virtual education program, your students will simply log into any internet connected device and attend live in real time classes on a daily basis. It is evident that technological advances are changing the way students learn and engage and we strive to provide equitable to access to quality education whether that’s in a classroom or in your home.

Pass Rates

Best Teachers in the World:

We are fortunate enough to work with the nation’s most supremely qualified and committed teachers who place students academic success above all. Our teachers are well equipped with the skills to answer your students’ questions and host parent teacher meetings. 

Reading (Grade 6,7,8) 84%
Science (Grade 8) 85%
Math (Grade 6,7,8) 85%
English 1 & 2 87%
Algebra 1 88%
Biology 90%
US History 91%

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