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we accept international students

Students welcome to enroll in our school today! Earn a US high school diploma without traveling to the United States and eliminate the
tedious, expensive process of filing for a student visa (I-20), travel arrangements, financial arrangements,
housing arrangements and more.

Proximity Learning Academy is providing an opportunity for all international students to earn American
high school diploma
with credits. Schools, colleges and universities in the United States have always aimed to
set the highest standards for education, not just in America but around the world as well. Proximity Learning
Academy is one such online school in America that offers you the opportunity not only to earn a globally
recognized American school diploma but also to pursue a journey of lifelong learning.


Accreditation ensures the quality of education. Proximity Learning Academy is fully accredited from AdvancED, and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

AdvancED is a global accreditation system in the United States that provides nationally recognized accreditation for middle and high schools. It is currently being used by over 27,000 public and private schools in the United States and in 65 countries across the world.

Degrees and diplomas awarded by schools with an AdvancED accreditation are considered genuine and are accepted by schools, colleges, universities, employers as well as governments. Proximity Learning Academy is an online school in the United States that is fully accredited by AdvancED, a nationally recognized organization associated with the accreditation of several educational institutions in the United States and around the world.

Educational Program Overview

Middle School Program (6th - 8th):

For students, middle school serves as a transition between elementary school and high school. Typically, middle school involves grades 6 through 8 and is sometimes referred to as junior high school or just junior high. This is where students are introduced to an entirely new way of learning. In contrast to the teaching format of elementary school, students are allowed to opt for subjects in addition to the standard curriculum comprising English, Math, Science and Social Studies. These additional subjects are called Elective Courses. Students typically switch classrooms and teachers depending on the classes they have opted for.

The primary objective here is to help students develop a sense of independence by allowing them more autonomy in terms of choosing the subjects they wish to study. Also, not being confined to one single classroom offers them a constant change of environment that in some ways can prevent mundane routine.

High School Program (9th - 12th):

Proximity Learning Academy offers Online High School curriculum for students from Grade- 9 to Grade-12. The high school curriculum is built to meet the needs and capabilities of every student and all our online school programs help student to find their own path for success.

High School Courses Guide for Grade 9:

Grade 9 course curriculum is designed to enhance the essential skills in core subjects. After enrolling with 9th grade course curriculum students are exposed to the new ways of online learning. The 9th grade online school Program introduces new topics along with activating the knowledge gained in middle school grades. This serves as the best start for high school education. Grade 9 classes include English, Math, Science and Social Studies along with five world languages and electives.

High School Courses Guide for Grade 10:

Grade 10 course curriculum designed to engage learning process to meet their academic goals. Students enrolled with 10th grade course curriculum are exposed to lessons, homework, discussions and tests, which are monitored by our education faculties and teachers. Using online 10th grade program students are introduced to the practice of learning across curriculum. Grade 10 students learn the core subjects which includes English, Math, Science and Social Studies with the languages and wide range of electives. Along with the Grade 10 classes students can take Advanced Placement Courses and Dual Enrollment Courses to earn the college credits whilst in high school.

High School Courses Guide for Grade 11:

Grade 11 course curriculum is designed for high school juniors to take classes online in a flexible online environment taught by the certified teachers. In Grade 11 course students are exposed to advanced math, science, social studies and language arts. In the 11th grade program students will find opportunities to enhance their learning abilities and discover options towards their interests. Grade 11 students have opportunity to earn the college credits by taking Advanced Placement Courses.

High School Courses Guide for Grade 12:

Grade 12 course curriculum is designed for high school seniors to complete final high school course requirements. In 12th grade course curriculum students are introduced to the advanced topics of the core subjects, such that this lays a strong foundation for college education. For Grade 12 accelerated learners looking for challenges, Advanced placement courses offer rigor and the chance to earn the college credits and make them college and career ready.

Why Choose Proximity Learning?

Live Instrucion Daily:

We believe every student deserve access to the best teachers, so we stream our teachers live into your classrooms. Every teacher we employee is a certified K-12 instructor from the USA. Your students will log in to their computer, chromebook or iPad and actually see there teacher each day.

Pass Rates

Best Teachers in the World:

We hire only the best, so your students will get access to a teacher that not only understands the material but know how to ensure students achieve academic success

Reading (Grade 6,7,8) 84%
Science (Grade 8) 85%
Math (Grade 6,7,8) 85%
English 1 & 2 87%
Algebra 1 88%
Biology 90%
US History 91%

Program Pricing

  • Full Time 6-8th Grade Tuition $2,900 Per grade level
  • Full Time 9-12th Grade Tuition $3,500 Per grade level
  • Individual Course $900
  • Tutoring(Up to 3 students) $50/hr