Live Instruction FAQs

How do schools inquire & procure PLI programs?

The regional sales rep can be contacted through the PLI website to receive reference information.

What accreditation do PLI courses have?

We are AdvancED and NCAA accredited. We can provide proof of accreditation at request.

What is the format of your live instruction courses?

We provide scheduled live instruction online classes where students meet as a class with their teacher for the lesson for that day.

How many credits are your courses worth?

Our courses are for 1 full high school credit or .5 per half level of a course. For example, ASL Level 1 is the full course and is worth 1 credit. ASL 1A is the first half of the level 1 course and is worth .5 credit.

How do students receive credit from their respective school(s)?

You can also see we are AdvancED accredited as well as our other certifications. The school will be there issuer of credit in most cases. If needed PLI can issue a transcript for a student as well.

How does the PLI program work with traditional school days?

We will customize to the school’s bell schedule. They will instruct us as to when the classes will take place. The class will be treated just like a class at school except will be online.

How do you determine the class schedule?

We will customize to the school’s schedule for the face-to-face class times.

Do we offer substitute teaching via web conferencing?

We do not offer short-term, short-notice substitutes. We do provide substitute teaching for planned leaves of absences, such as maternity leave.

Who do I contact for curriculum, enrollment, grade, and accreditation questions?

Myken Caviness
Director of Implementation
800.524.8570 Ext. 801

Charlotte Ogburn
Senior Manager of Implementation
800.524.8570 Ext. 807

Sefina Lucki
Manager of Implementation

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If you need immediate assistance please call us at 800-524-8570 (ext. 803) or live chat using the chat box at the bottom-right of the page