As the election approaches, it is important to know the platform of each candidate. What each candidate supports and opposes can be crucial to the K-12 education reform and the future of each student in America. Below is a list of each candidate’s platform and ideas.

Hillary Clinton:

  • Supports the Common Core: high-quality standards for English and Mathematics
  • Supports No Child Left Behind: setting high goals for every student
  • Believes charter schools shouldn’t be a substitute, but supplementary: believes they are potentionally unfair in the selection of students
  • Supports Universal Preschool: use public funding to provide good preschool education to all
  • Supports higher pay for teachers: believes teachers deserve more for the amount of work they put in
  • Wants to implement student loan reform: decrease debt for college graduates and be able to refinance their loans
  • Wants to expand access to early childhood education: believes in starting with a good start

Donald Trump:

  • Opposes the Common Core: believes education should stay at the local level and education policy should depend on the state
  • Opposes gun-free schools: believes school shootings could have been prevented if teachers carried guns
  • Opposes US Department of Education: to avoid Common Core
  • Wants to reform debt and tuition: debt-free public higher education, tuition-free higher education, tuition-free community college
  • Promoting the Republican platform: online education, lifelong learning,
  • Supports school choice: allows parents and their child to choose the public school they want to attend
  • Supports safe environments: increases likelihood of students dropping out and falling into the street life without graduating

Both candidates have a completely different route to achieve success in education reform. Their different beliefs plan to tackle problems in education and believe that their path is the best for the future of each student in America.


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