Problem: Petersburg City PS was excited for the new school year – all the students were assigned their classes and teachers were beginning to come back to set up their classrooms.  Unfortunately, both a Spanish and French teacher decided last minute to resign from the school district, leaving several sections of Spanish A and French A unfilled. The principal and school district were searching frantically for a replacement, eventually considering significantly increasing class sizes and adopting online blended learning programs. As the school year continued to quickly approach, the hope of finding a teacher continued to fade. 

Solution: One of Petersburg’s administrators heard about virtual K-12 staffing from a neighboring district and suggested they look into the program.  The district set up a meeting with their local account manager and after the presentation found themselves very intrigued. Using computers recently placed in their schools, Petersburg learned how they could solve their Spanish and French teacher vacancy issue. Working with Proximity Learning, they set up a new Spanish and French program that streamed live, certified teachers into the classroom each day to instruct their students. After discovering this innovative alternative the district was sold – Petersburg City PS was now able to confidently ensure the quality of their World Language programs stayed consistent with what their students and parents had come to expect.