Pennsylvania School District Sources Online Chinese Instruction

Written by Christina Peebles

February 19, 2020


Proximity Learning Inc. (PLI), an ESS Company, is proud to announce a new partnership with Pen Argyl Area School District. PLI began providing Wind Gap Middle School with real-time live online instructors in the fall for the 2019-2020 school year to help fulfill the district’s mission of preparing students for a technology-based global society.

Small school districts can often face difficulties recruiting teachers. For a tangible solution, the school district partnered with PLI to effectively bolster their students’ academic needs.

“PLI has been there when we needed them,” said Pen Argyl IT administrator Michael Peck. “Being from a smaller district, sourcing online courses with live instruction has been a particular challenge. In a pinch, PLI has been able to help us source a solution to our staffing needs.”

With the introduction of four PLI teachers, approximately 100 seventh and eighth students are now interacting with a certified online teacher through real-time live video in their Chinese classes. By learning a new language with the guidance of a highly-qualified teacher in an online classroom, the students are developing skills to understand how to utilize technology as a tool to overcome language barriers they may face in the future

Wind Gap Middle School is just one of the hundreds of schools that are able to invest in their students without any sacrifices to their current faculty, methods, or resources. Peck, for example, plays a primary role in setting students up in the online portal and ensuring they are able to access their course without any difficulty.

“Working with PLI has made sourcing our online instruction needs very easy,” said Peck. “Our representative helped work with us to source the course we needed at the price we needed. Implementation was relatively easy and the instruction has met our needs.”

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