Proximity Learning was created out of the belief that all students deserve educational equity through access to the best teachers in the country⁠—no matter what.

For young students, receiving a quality education is the most important part of a foundation for a successful future. Ensuring that a master teacher is in front of them to guide them on their journey is our responsibility.

“It breaks my heart every time I see a class of young children without a teacher. It’s our responsibility to do everything we can to change that and give them the keys to realize their potential.”


Evan Erdberg, President

For the past 15 years, Evan Erdberg has worked as a digital education entrepreneur putting the needs of students first.

 During his time implementing faculty observation systems in schools, Evan accompanied principals during walkthroughs to observe and mentor teachers. During many of these walkthroughs, the principal would skip classrooms due to the placement of a long-term substitute or a teacher who was emergency certified to cover the class.

Evan began to notice a disturbing trend: schools in the most impoverished communities had the highest number of teacher vacancies, often exceeding more than half of the school’s teacher population.

 The school principals explained that while they wanted to solve this problem, their hands were tied. Due to several circumstances out of their control, they often didn’t receive any qualified applicants. Students were being deprived of highly qualified teachers, resulting in average student pass rates of as low as 20%.

Evan knew there had to be a way to improve educational equity. He asked the question, “How can we connect the 15 million teachers not currently working in classrooms with the students that need them?” Proximity Learning was born out of this challenge⁠⁠—the need to secure quality teachers and improve students’ futures. Evan came up with the idea that streaming teachers live through online video delivery services into the classrooms was the solution to the teacher vacancy crisis. The better work-life balance would bring teachers back into the profession, and the convenience of streaming could make them available in schools across the country. For schools, it was as simple as just providing a laptop and headphones for each student.


*Not all Proximity Learning courses are TEA accredited, contact us for more information.


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