What is #OnlineLearningDay?

Tomorrow, September 15th, #OnlineLearningDay will consist of people all over the nation coming together to recognize the progression of online learning and the success it has brought to teachers, students, and people all around the country. This day is to celebrate those who have encountered an online assignment or class and celebrate the advancement of education. This day supports those who support the movement, and provides a way to integrate them.

Why is Online Learning important?

Online Learning not only provides a swift way of educating a student, but also providing convenience. It gives students access to learn and educate themselves from anywhere, anytime. It also provides the proper resources for a student of this generation to thrive. Growing up in this era means using technology every step of the way, especially in education. Online Learning comes with a lot of hesitation, but moving forward to the new era is exactly what the world needs, and #OnlineLearningDay is the perfect way to encourage this notion.

What can I do?

Supporting this national holiday, #OnlineLearningDay, will give support to those participating in Online Learning, like students, teachers, and school faculty. Because this is the first annual #OnlineLearningDay, support from everyone who recognizes the success Online Learning brings should participate and express their experiences. Show your support by using social media channels to get #OnlineLearningDay trending! Post a picture, comment on the success, and share your experiences. Spread the word and support the movement.

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