Online Courses to Replace Traditional Computer Science and Language Courses

By Rimsha Syed

The St. Tammany Parish Public School system (STPPS) and progressive live instruction company Proximity Learning Inc. (PLI) are eager to announce a partnership that secured virtual computer science and French classes in STPP high schools in the midst of a statewide teacher shortage. Between PLI’s innovative live classroom framework and STPPS’s commitment to “engage all students in high-quality education resulting in lifelong learners who can contribute to a society in which they live,” this affiliation will undoubtedly advance STPPS’s ability to put the nations most qualified educators in front of its students.

STPPS, the fifth-most populous Parish in Louisiana, was unable to complete a full school year cycle without losing their French and computer science high school teachers. In terms of recruiting certified educators the district sought a permanent solution that would secure flexibility and stability. STPPS’s administrative team heard about PLI, a top rated live k-12 staffing company, through a state funded program called Supplemental Course Academy via the Louisiana Department of Education.

PLI’s overarching message is to connect students with opportunities for academic success by seamlessly promoting authentic learning opportunities corresponding with differentiated education. Consequently, PLI has grown into the platform of choice for educational opportunities that are adaptable to the needs of each respective school district.

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