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Virtual K12 staffing implemented in Virginia district

Submitted by Ariana Fine on Thu, 05/19/2016 - 2:51am.

Proximity Learning Inc. (PLI), the #1 Virtual K-12 Staffing Company, and Virginia school district, Northampton County Public Schools (NCPS), are proud to announce a new partnership implementing 3 new virtual educators (1 High School Spanish, 1 Middle School Explorations, and 1 Middle School Science) into NCPS's classrooms. Through this alliance, NCPS boasts the opportunity to continue meeting exemplary educational goals without any sacrifices to current faculty or resources.

"We are proud and honored to partner with Northampton," said Evan Erdberg, CEO of PLI. "We believe this integration will be a perfect opportunity to eliminate any educational limitations on students and eradicate the negative effects of reduced teachers within the American Education System. Ultimately, our goal is to provide students with the highest quality teachers, no matter their location or situation."

School districts around the nation have increasingly faced difficulty locating quality educators to fill open positions within their classrooms. PLI's Virtual Staffing provides a seamless and generally "win-win" solution, providing master educators while still accommodating to each school's unique schedules, requirements and policies. PLI's courses are live and interactive, hosting familiar face-to-face classroom activities such as student participation, group exercises, with the opportunity to ask questions and problem solve with the teacher in real time.

NCPS Superintendent Charles Lawrence said, "Northampton Co. Public Schools have endeavored to continue providing our students with the highest quality of education possible. Virtual staffing programs offer our students the unique opportunity to continue engaging with high quality teachers, receiving a superior education and becoming better prepared for the future."

About Northampton Co. Public Schools: With the mantra of "Inspiring Learners for Life Through Achievement and Success," NCPS sees each student as a valuable resource and is dedicated to providing them with a world-class education. This Virginia district is focused on providing every student with high quality instruction, a well-rounded educational experience, and the support necessary to succeed. Learn more: http://www.ncpsk12.com/index.cfm

About Proximity Learning Inc.: Proximity Learning Inc. is a virtual staffing company catering to students ranging from kindergarten to high school. Proximity Learning has served over 150 school districts and delivered over 800 courses, with numbers growing. Proximity Learning has been rated as one of the top K-12 Virtual Staffers in the nation, boasting the highest quality teachers, most innovative virtual classrooms, and the reputation as a flexible learning solution to both public and private school districts. Learn more: http://proxlearn.com/.

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