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Chicago, Illinois School Partners with Online Education Service

As schools and districts across America continue to shift through nationwide teacher shortages, many superintendents have engaged in new methods to offset the crisis. Facing an overwhelming staffing issue head-on, Lincoln Curriculum Director, Anita Rice turned to the...

Texas' First Online Live Instruction School Opens Enrollment

Challenges to the public education industry are causing a record number of parents to choose to homeschool their children. Some of the challenges include lack of qualified teachers, course shortages, and transportation limitations. As the digital world continues to...

Can the Gig Economy Help Alleviate Teacher Shortages?

Can the Gig Economy Help Alleviate Teacher Shortages?

By Evan Erdberg  If you are facing a teacher shortage in your state, you are not alone. Many states are experiencing a worsening teacher shortage, according to the Learning Policy Institute. Some of this is because of declining enrollments in teacher education, which...

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