Problem: Marengo wanted to give its students new world language opportunities to help them become further college and career ready. Allowing the students to choose their desired new language, it became clear that there was a substantial interest in Chinese. The challenge was that Marengo only needed a .5 teacher and no certified IL teachers were applying for the position. The district started looking at online blended learning options, but were not encouraged by the lack of live instruction and course design. As the summer progressed, the ability to offer their students Chinese was starting to become grim.

Solution: The principal received an email marketing piece outlining a new services being offered throughout IL, virtual K-12 Staffing. He responded to the email asking for more information and a demonstration. The PLI district partnership team got back to the principal within five hours and set up a webinar to take him through the class and show him actual recorded demos of live class lessons. After working with the PLI team, he asked for the cost of the program and was surprised to find it about 50% less than the typical blended learning program offered by most competing companies. Most importantly, PLI included a live teacher which no other company offered. After discussing with his curriculum team he decided to move forward and implement the Chinese program. Each student was assigned a computer during that class period and they were taught by a live, certified IL Chinese teacher all year long resulting in aa wonderful learning experience. Almost 95% of the students will be moving onto the next level of Chinese in the upcoming semester.