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World Language

Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected, requiring a competitive and bilingual workforce. Our foreign language courses invite you to discover and explore the diverse culture and communications of the world.

Courses offered:  Chinese, Spanish, Latin, French and American Sign Language

AP Courses

Proximity Learning’s AP courses are taught at the equivalent of an introductory college-level class, empowering students with strategies for success and preparation for university level courses.

Courses offered: Psychology, Macroeconomics, Statistics, US Government and Latin.



Proximity Learning’s online test prep courses empowers students with strategies for success on the SAT and ACT exam. This program will provide an overview of the test, practical test taking strategies and an opportunity to complete a simulated full-length ACT or SAT Test.

Courses offered: SAT Prep and ACT Prep

Computer Science

Teaching coding, programming and computer architecture, our online courses take students through the process of computer science and programming step by step, providing invaluable skills that will help you succeed in today’s technology based workforce.

Courses offered: Computer Science I and Computer Science II



 Developing algebraic and geometric fluency, students will learn the skills needed to solve equations, perform manipulations and understand expressions. Interactive and engaging courses means your student will always have access to a teacher and collaborative resources.

Courses offered: Algebra I and Geometry