Do you have teacher vacancies to fill for your school or District?

With Proximity's accredited K-12 staffing solution, all of your teaching positions can be filled for your upcoming school semester. Unlike most online programs, our courses are built around regularly scheduled live class sessions delivered via web-conferencing. Our live instruction model closely resembles the experience of a traditional brick and mortar classroom setting, but is conducted entirely online. Proximity alternatively provides the same type of asynchronous elements and online materials as traditional online courses. Every class will be taught by a highly qualified teacher certified in your state's academic subject matter.  Many of our teachers are mothers, home on maternity leave, recent retirees, and military families that move frequently.  Your students will have access to the best teachers in the country at their fingertips, until you can find and staff the position locally.     

Why Choose Proximity Learning?


Highly Qualified, Live Instructors

Students will receive instruction from live, highly qualified and state-certified teachers streamed straight into your classroom. Teachers can be part time or full time, giving administrators the flexibility of choosing only the classes needed.



The Digital Native Generation requires a unique and engaging curriculum in order for them to learn and stay engaged. Using our educational experts and highly qualified teaching staff, we develop content to help them not only learn but also enjoy attending class. Using a mix of live video, games, activities, and online curriculum we are able to engage your students like no other educator can.  


Customized To Each School


We will work with each school individually, that has the open certified position, to fully align with their bell schedule, parent teacher conference night, grading expectations, and curriculum adoption. This allows schools to resume normal operations and schedules without affecting current faculty or resources.

K-12 Staffing Implementation Guide

Is Proximity Learning right for my school?

Proximity Learning is a viable 'YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT' staffing option for existing vacancies in elementary and secondary settings (ES & MS & HS). Proximity Learning should be considered if you anticipate semester- or year-long vacancies in any subject.



How is the Curriculum Delivered?

The district will provide PLI with curriculum standards for course.  The PLI teacher will conduct an initial assessment of all students.  Scope and sequence of course will be in alignment with curriculum standards and end-of-course assessments.

What is Proximity Learning (PLI)?

A fully accredited online education provider based in Austin, TX. Unlike most online programs, PLI courses are built around regularly scheduled live class sessions delivered via web-conferencing. Their live instruction model closely resembles the experience of a traditional brick and mortar classroom setting, but is conducted entirely online. PLI courses include the same type of grading, parent teacher interaction, IEP management, and accountability as traditional teachers.


How does the School Communicate with Proximity Learning?

PLI will have a designated academic liaison to address school, student, and/or parent concerns.  The classroom facilitator (paraprofessional) or school liaison (administrator) should contact the academic liaison with any questions or concerns related to proximity learning.  The PLI teacher is available for student/parent conferences.

How are Student Grades Determined?

The PLI Teacher will used agreed upon PLC grading weights to determine student course grades.  The Proximity Learning teacher will relay grade information to paraprofessional for entry into YOUR SCHOOLS student information system.


What is the Role of the Classroom Facilitator (paraprofessional)?

The classroom facilitator is expected to login to the online environment with students to monitor activity.  Additionally, the classroom facilitator should monitor student behavior, provide encouragement to students, monitor student attendance, and assist the PLI teacher as needed.  The classroom facilitator will enter grades provided by the PLI Teacher in the YOUR SCHOOLS student information system.  All classroom facilitators are expected to attend trainings provided by PLI.

Your School Plan

  1. School Determines that PLI is the Staffing Option for Existing Vacancy
  2. School notifies District PLI Liaison ('Name' / 'Number')
  3. School submits paperwork to HR in order to cash out existing teacher vacancy
  4. School requests new paraprofessional position (to serve as classroom facilitator)
  5. School hires paraprofessional into new position
  6. School sends PLI information to Parents (Click Here to download)
  7. Implementation Call (Implementation can take 2-4 weeks)
  • Attendees
  1. PLI Contact
  2. District PLI Liaison (Name: __________________ )
  3. School Facilitator (Assistant Principal or Principal)
  4. Area Executive Director (optional)
  5. Staffing Director (optional)
  • Discussion Topics
  1. Scheduling of Parent Demonstration/Information Session
  2. Role Designation
  3. Q&A

8. Proximity Learning sends enrollment template to school for completion

  • School Will Provide the Following:
  1. Class/student rosters (30 student max per class)
  2. Calendars, dates, and bell(s) schedule
  3. Course Names
  4. Technical Support Point of Contact (School/LC Tech Specialist)
  5. Grading Weights for Course
  6. Grading Period Dates
  • District will Provide the Following:
  1. Course curriculum standards

9. School Completes Enrollment Information to PLI (Five Business Days)

10. PLI Begins Staffing Position

11. PLI Conducts Training for Paraprofessional

  • One online session (three hours)
  • One face-to- face session

12. PLI and School Technical Support Point of Contact Conduct Online Systems Test and Technical Confirmation

13. School hosts Parent Demonstration/Information Session

14. Students begin Proximity Learning Course