Joseph Liang was born and raised in Shanghai, China. His first degree in chemical engineering was completed in China before coming to the United States for a graduate education with a full scholarship in philosophy and theology. He earned a master’s degree in the field and most recently obtained a second master’s degree in education. He is certified to teach K-12 Physical Science, Mandarin, ESL.

He has been a teacher since 1995 and has taught students of all ages– K-12, college students, and graduate students in advanced Mandarin. He is a life long learner of foreign languages and would like to see his students’ perspectives broadened, communication skills enhanced, and lives enriched.

Liang is an amateur orchid lover and has about 20 plants of six different genera. He had a talking African grey parrot named Manny and many ferrets in the past. Growing up in Shanghai he had a Blue Jay, two Angora rabbits, several newts, a little turtle, and many crickets and sparrows.

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