Problem: Over the past several years there has been an influx of Spanish-speaking families relocating into the Irving, TX community from Latin America. This influx of new families added to the increase of new students attending the local public schools. However, these new students often spoke very limited English, creating a challenge for the district to ensure they received the quality education they deserve.  The district struggled to pair bilingual teachers with the students that required them, and the largest area of need where bilingual teachers were scarce was within Math. Come October, the district was still unable to find bilingual TX-certified math teachers to instruct these students and was forced to place them in non-Spanish speaking environments.

Solution: Irving ISD had already contracted with Proximity Learning to offer Mandarin within their High Schools using virtual instructors, and made the decision to explore expanding this contract to include bilingual math teachers. After a discussion with the Implementation and Account Manager, Irving signed an agreement with Proximity Learning to provide the bilingual math teachers they needed. Within 4 weeks, Proximity Learning hired and implemented all of Irving’s bilingual math class’ Texas certified bilingual teachers.