Problem: Humble ISD’s school board voted to offer high school students access to an ACT class to better prepare them to earn a higher score. Their ultimate goal was to help provide their students with better opportunities to earn scholarships and acceptances from the universities of their choice. The largest issue they faced, however, was the lack of qualified instructors and affordable college prep programs that met the district’s budget. Being located in the Houston Metropolitan area, the Humble was consistently fighting with the surrounding school districts for access to instructors. Additionally, Humble ISD wanted to test out several classes before investing in a full time position, which added a new level of difficulty to not only finding and hiring an instructor, but locating a teacher willing to work part time.

Solution: During a district roundtable (where the surrounding districts in Houston meet at Region 4) several of the districts brought up how they were implementing Virtual K-12 Staffing to satisfy many of their difficult to staff subjects. After hearing about this new type of educational program, Humble ISD invited Proximity Learning Inc. to visit their district office. The district was very intrigued with the use of highly qualified, certified teachers to instruct the classes rather than college students. Additionally, PLI would align the class to the dates and times the Humble ISD desired, allowing them to provide course access to a greater number of students. The cost structure of the program was also impressively lower than the amount the district was forecasting.  After learning about the PLI options, Humble ISD decided to invest their time and money to develop the program with PLI.