How a Texas Teacher Empowering Students with Special Needs

“Life Skills” is becoming an important subject that schools can now no longer afford to ignore. These essential skills help students transition from young kids to responsible adults.

A special education teacher at Grand Oaks High School, Texas, has become a sensation after she came up with a brilliant idea to help her students learn life skills.

Shelby Winder had just started her career as a first-year teacher for students with significant cognitive impairment and adaptive disabilities. She loves her students and believes that they are no less capable even though their way of learning is different.

“Yes, they all have different abilities, but what I want people to see is that, even though their abilities are so different, they absolutely can hold jobs,” Winder told KBTX.

To empower students with special needs, she came up with a coffee cart idea. Every Friday, the students push a cart called the “Grizzly Bean” around school premises delivering orders to teachers.

Winder’s friend Chris Field was clearly impressed with what she was doing and reached out for more information.

He wrote on a Facebook post: “Shelby came up with the brilliant idea of wanting to empower her students this year in some way that was meaningful and would outlast their time with her in the classroom. So, she started buying all of the things they would need to start a traveling coffee cart.”

“Most importantly, this would allow the students to practice their social skills, communication, working through their shyness, and even learning how to run a simple business by calculating their expenses and profits,” he added.