How a Milwaukee Teacher is Putting a Stop to Bullying

By Stephanie Buffamonte  

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A Milwaukee teacher saw bullying in her school and took matters into her own hands. Rather than only disciplining students, she’s been bringing positivity into the hallways every day.

The Milwaukee College Prep School Lloyd Campus teacher Tiffany Miller saw students were writing hateful graffiti in the girls’ bathroom, so she decided to write graffiti of her own, instead, it was positive. Using a dry-erase marker, she writes a positive quote on the girls’ bathroom mirror every day. Miller has been writing the quotes in the bathroom for the last two months. Since then, students say the bullying has stopped. 

“It feels good now people don’t have to go to class feeling disappointed,” Student Zaniaya Cunningham said. “They can go to class having that positive message.” 

Many students look forward to seeing the quotes every day.

“It makes me feel powerful,” Student Kayla Blue said. “It gives me motivation when I come for the day.” 

Miller had no idea a simple daily quote would make a huge difference.

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